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A great rug is an investment you want to protect so it lasts and provides beauty and warmth to a home or business. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the wrong rug pad can cause damage to the floors, allow the rug to slip, roll, and slide, and can be toxic.

Watch this one-minute video to see why our rug pads make a difference.

We offer 4 types of Rug Pads

All types feature a Moisture/Pet Urine Barrier and are Green Label Plus Certified.

Read our Moisture/Pet Urine Barrier vs. Latex Rubber pad comparison

Eco by Design

  • Thinnest Moisture/Pet urine barrier product for use in areas with clearance issues.
  • Ideal for foyers, Oriental, braided or low profile rugs.
  • Any rug where extra thickness is not desired but a moisture barrier is needed.

Eco Premium

  • Our midweight Moisture/Pet urine barrier rug pad is used primarily with Oriental rugs.
  • Thick rugs or anywhere extra cushion is desired.
  • Plush thickness provides a great underfoot feel. 28 oz sq/yd

Eco Preferred

  • Plush, less dense diamond-backed for a comfortable underfoot feel.
  • For thick or plush rugs where padding is desired. 31 oz/sq yd

Eco Supreme

  • Our heavyweight pet barrier rug pad is used with Oriental, Thick, Plush rugs.
  • Used anywhere a plush rebound is desired.
  • Extra thickness provided a great underfoot feel. 38 oz. sq/yd*

Alameda Cleaners’ MicroSeal Fabric Protection Promise

When it comes to rug, carpet, upholstery, and fabric cleaning, shortcuts can land you in trouble. If the cleaning job isn’t meticulous and comprehensive, the results will be disappointing. At Alameda Cleaners, we go the extra mile to provide excellent results.

For starters, we provide MicroSeal fabric protection to protect fine fabrics like silkscreen, rich wools, Haitian cotton, suede, delicate wall fabrics, and other fine upholstered materials. As dirt, dust, and grime get absorbed into fabric fibers, they can no longer be seen by the naked eye. Even if the stains are removed superficially, they remain embedded deep into the fabric.

For complete, thorough cleaning, each fiber must be deeply penetrated and protected from the inside out. MicroSeal technology helps us achieve this. We effectively remove even the most persistent and tough stains without causing any damage to the fabric.

MicroSeal protection is anti-static, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. Unlike other types of fabric protection techniques, it does not change fabric texture or cause yellowing. At Alameda Cleaners, we use MicroSeal technology to prolong the life of your fabrics and provide a lasting defense against moisture damage, UV rays, and deep stains. MicroSeal increases the life of all natural and synthetic fibers. If you want your rugs, carpets, upholstery, and fabrics to continue looking as good as new over the years, invest in MicroSeal-friendly cleaning.

We’re here to help you get started! Contact our fabric protection experts in Portland. If you have any questions, we’re more than happy to help!  

Everything you always wanted to know about rug pads…

Q: How can rug pads protect my floor?

A: Rug pad always protects your rug and the floor from scratches, etc. However, the PET URINE BARRIER rug pad protects your expensive hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, stone, concrete, and other hard surface flooring, too. The biggest danger to your flooring is created by the pets we love. Don’t get upset or have the need to have your flooring repaired. Simply use PET URINE BARRIER rug pads now to protect your rug and floor long-term.

Q: How can I get my rugs to stay in place?

A: A rug pad is an excellent way to keep your rugs in place. Pads resolve the issue of the rug moving, curling up, and more. We offer a complete line of rug pads to meet your every need.

Q: How do I know what rug pad I need?

A: These products contain a Moisture/Pet urine barrier to protect your floors! Eco Supreme is a thick, plush product for areas where you desire extra cushioning. Eco Premium is a mid-weight pad with extra cushioning for flatter rugs, runners, etc. Eco by Design is an excellent lightweight, thin pad for areas needing clearance, ie foyers, mud rooms, hallways, etc. Each of these products is Eco friendly, non-allergenic, and sustainable.

Q: What rug pad is good for people with allergies?

A: All of the offered rug pads.

Q: How long will rug pad last?

A: These Eco pad products are warrantied for the life of the rug!

Q: Can I wash rug pad?

A: These pads can be cleaned by a professional rug cleaner time after time.

Q: Will the pad bunch up under carpet?

A: No, the pads are designed to grip the floor and the rug. This allows it to stay in place and hold the rug.

Q: Does it smell funny like a new rug or carpet?

A: That’s called off-gassing and occurs when chemicals are added. These pads have no chemicals added during processing and are odor & off-gassing free. Non-allergenic. Non-toxic. Eco friendly. Recyclable. Sustainable.

Q: Do I need different types based on the size of the rug?

A: No, any pad you chose can be used with all size rugs. It simply depends on the feel you want when walking on the pad.

Q: Is it environmentally safe?

A: Yes, it has been tested and Green Label Plus certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. With no odor or off-gassing, non-allergenic, non-toxic, recycled and environmentally sustainable it’s the safest pad on the market.

Q: Does it stick to the carpet or floor?

A: No, absolutely not. That problem is caused by clay fillers added to the rubber in the inexpensive pad.

Q: How do I measure what size I need?

A: If your rug does not have a tag on the back with the dimensions, ‘Measure your rug from top to bottom and side to side.’ Once you know the dimensions, just give us a call or email, and we can give you a quote for your desired pad or all of them if you’re not sure which one you want yet.

Q: Is it safe for older people who may shuffle their feet?

A: That is one of the best reasons to purchase rug pad. The rug drapes over the side of the pad and also protects the rug from sliding.

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