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There are so many different types of upholstery and furniture, we focus on cleaning your fabrics specific to your needs. Keeping your couches, chairs, throw pillows, or whatever else it might be clean is important. We deal with all materials and fabrics, including suede, velvet, cotton, polyester and silk.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is always changing and as hard as you try to make sure the outdoor doesn’t come inside, it happens. We recommend regular professional cleanings to keep your home looking great, clean, and healthy. Alameda can help with:


  • Pet Urine
  • Stains
  • Allergens
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Worn Carpets
  • And Much More!
Upholstery Cleaning Portland

Learn about our 12-step upholstery process

STEP 1 – Fabric Testing

Your fabric will be tested for fiber type and dye stability

STEP 2 – Area Prep

We will prepare the area where the upholstery will be cleaned to protect your surrounding furnishings.

Step 3: Pre-Vacuum

Dry soil will be removed before cleaning.

Step 4: Pre-Treat

Depending on your fabric, it will be pre-treated to “suspend” bonded soil.

Step 5: Pre-Spot

Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase the chances of removal.

Step 6: Pre-Groom

The fabric will then be gently groomed using soft upholstery brushes to loosen the soil.

Step 7: Soil Extraction and Rinse

The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, controlled rinse

Step 8: Neutralize

The fabric is then pH balanced to maintain it’s soft, fresh feel.

Step 9: Post Spot

Any remaining spots will be treated with special stain removal products.

Step 10: Post Groom

The upholstery will then be prepared for drying with a gentle combing of the fabric.

Step 11: Speed Dry

High-velocity air movers will be placed on the upholstery to speed dry the fabric.

Step 12: Post Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will review the cleaning results with you to ensure that your expectations have been met or exceeded.

I was very pleased with the results after receiving my cleaned sofa cushions. I had a new velvet sofa from RH and my cat threw up on it. Many places I called didn’t want to touch the job, but Alameda was able to return the cushions to an almost perfect condition. I can see a faint outline but that’s because I know where to look. No one else will ever notice. They were easy to communicate with and got my cushions done in just 2 days. Highly recommend!

– Patricia T. 

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services in Portland

Beautiful upholstery can change the look of your interior space. The colors, textures, and patterns can singlehandedly take your home from dull to dynamite! However, upholstery doesn’t retain its appeal forever. If it’s not cleaned and maintained as it should be, it can make your home look less appealing, inviting, and sophisticated. Worn-out, dirty, and stained upholstery makes interior spaces look more shabby and visually off-putting. The sooner you tackle the damage, the better.

At Alameda Cleaners, we provide professional upholstery cleaning services across Portland. Our team tackles all types of furniture (couches, chairs, ottomans, cushions, bench seating, patio furniture, sofas, draperies, and so on). We also work with any type of upholstery fabric: cotton, wool, linen, leather, polyester, silk, rayon, nylon, polypropylene, and hemp, among several other variants. No matter how unique your upholstery may be, you can rest assured that Alameda Cleaners will step up to the plate.

If you want your upholstery to take a 180-degree turn in aesthetic appeal, we’re here to help. Our upholstery cleaners start by testing the fabric to determine the right cleaning approach. This is pivotal. It helps us ensure cleaning efficacy and be gentle at the same time. If the wrong cleaning approach is used, the fabric can end up getting damaged. This is the outcome of many DIY upholstery cleaning cases. Homeowners lack the expertise and experience needed for the job, which results in a disastrous outcome. As trained professionals, we avoid all such faux pas.

Following fabric testing, our team preps the cleaning area. We carefully pre-vacuum, pre-treat, pre-spot, and pre-groom the upholstery. This helps us suspend bonded soil and loosen pesky stains. Next, we perform a gentle, controlled rinse to extract soil from the fabric. This is followed by neutralization, post-spotting, post-grooming, and speed drying. Finally, our team inspects the cleaning job to ensure that every box has been checked off. We strive to satisfy every client. This would not be possible if we completed the job and called it a day. Instead, we take ample time to review our work and confirm that your upholstery looks as good as possible!

At Alameda Cleaners, we pride ourselves on pulling out all the stops to meet your expectations. If you’re looking for professional upholstery cleaning services in Portland, give our team a call today! Our upholstery cleaners are ready to explain our proprietary cleaning process to you, answer any questions you may have, and finalize the plan. Your home/business is a few steps away from looking spruced up. Don’t worry; we’ll get it there! Let’s begin.

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