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As a family-owned business that has served Portland and Vancouver since 1980, we use proven, non-toxic, methods to ensure the best cleaning possible!

Carpet cleaning done right in the Portland area.

It doesn’t matter what type of carpet you have, our van-mounted carpet cleaning system will make sure any dirt that can be removed, will be removed. Even if you vacuum regularly, there is some dirt even the best cannot remove.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is always changing and as hard as you try to make sure the outdoor doesn’t come inside, it happens. We recommend regular professional cleanings to keep your home looking great, clean, and healthy. Alameda can help with:


  • Pet Urine
  • Stains
  • Allergens
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Worn Carpets
  • And Much More!
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What to expect when Alameda cleans your carpets

Furniture Moving

Our regular pricing includes moving sofas, chairs, tables and smaller items. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place under our regular pricing structure. For commercial jobs, chairs and desk mats that are removable are moved. Desks, file cabinets, and heavier furniture is left in place under our regular pricing structure. Any residential or commercial job can be customized to fit your needs, including a price quote to move heavier pieces.


A preconditioning agent is applied to emulsify the traffic area soil and general spots.


Special solutions made for specific spots are applied to each spot to break it down and prepare it for extraction.

Truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction

The carpet is thoroughly rinsed with a powerful truck-mounted system. The rinse agent is flushed through the pile and is immediately vacuumed with the powerful suction of our state-of-the-art truck-mounted machinery. Since the soil is pre-emulsified and loosened, the pressure used is lower than other companies, therefore not over-soaking the carpet.


Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind. This treatment is used as a rinse or applied after the rinse depending on soiling condition.


A mild deodorizer is added to the rinse agent. Our deodorizers are not overbearing. The deodorizer will simply add a pleasant light scent.

*General Spotting

We attempt to remove food and beverage spots. General spotting is described as spots not requiring special cleaning solutions or special spotting procedures.

*Specialty Spotting

We stock specialty spot removal products in our vans to attempt removal of urine, red dye spots, yellowing, filtration soiling, etc.

Speed Dry

A high-velocity air mover can be placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying. By using the air mover we get the fastest drying time.

Post Grooming

The carpet can be groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of the carpet is standing tall when we leave. The carpet will dry in this position. Grooming also helps distribute pockets of moisture and assist in the fast drying process as well.

Maxim Carpet Protector

When carpeting is made, it has two protective properties. One is a “dye blocker” or “stain resist” property. This is simply a clear dye that fills in the empty dye sites so that it is difficult for a spill or spot to penetrate the fiber. The second is a “soil resistor”, Maxim. This is a product that is sprayed on the yarn and baked on at high temperature. This helps to resist against common dry soil and to act as a barrier between the spill and the dye blocker. After a period of about 2 years, depending on traffic, the soil resistor wears off and needs to be reapplied. Also, the cleaning can remove much of these products. After applying Maxim to the carpet, the more dry soil will be removed with vacuuming, and most spots will be removed with just water.

Urine Odor Removal

  1. Minor Odor Treatment: Our Minor Odor Treatment is NOT GUARANTEED. We will saturate affected areas with an enzyme. It usually helps the odor somewhat and is a good alternative to a costly Major Odor Treatment.
  2. Major Odor Treatment: This procedure IS GUARANTEED. It requires more involved steps but is required at times when the problem is severe.


All of the products we use are non-toxic and perfectly safe for pets and children. We offer specialized treatments for pet urine and odor removal. Since our system uses the best cleaning products, a very high PSI and hot water (all pre-mixed in our van) the regular cleaning will oftentimes take care of pet problems that are less serious. Our manager/owners are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We NEVER try to sell you a service you don’t really need. We are not looking for a “quick buck”. Rather, we are interested in building a repeat-business customer base through excellent service and fair prices; we want to gain your trust.

We have comprehensive textile (carpet, draperies, upholstery) treatments for asthma and allergy sufferers as well. Please call us for details.

Likewise, we do emergency flood cleanups, including extraction of water, blower rentals to dry out the walls and carpet, and topical treatments such as mildicide to neutralize mold and mildew. We can also replace your carpet pads if that additional step is required.

We send an IICRC-certified technician out on every job. IICRC is the governing body for textile cleaners in the U.S. (and several other countries;) we are serious about adhering to all of its professional recommendations and standards. We do not cut corners when it comes to our customers!

“Great work attitude and very knowledgeable about all aspects of carpet care. Our “go to” people” for over fifteen years! A great job every time.

– Hank M.

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Start with the right protection – MicroSeal

From fine silkscreen and other delicate wall fabrics, to rich wools and various blend carpeting, to Haitian cotton, suede and other fine upholstered furnishings, MicroSeal has rapidly become accepted as the finest commercial and residential textile protection available today.

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