If you want to enjoy clean carpets in your home, optimal cleaning is imperative. As one of the most effective and powerful carpet cleaning techniques, water extraction removes all dirt, grime, and embedded particles. This process is a lot more effective than conventional steam cleaning.

When high-pressure water strikes every inch of the carpet, dirt particles loosen up and fall off. If you want to remove all stains and spruce up your carpet, head to professional carpet cleaners who use the advanced water extraction technique.

There are two types of extraction: hot and cold water extraction. This blog will offer a closer look at both techniques and help you pick the right one. Let’s begin!

1. Hot vs. Cold Water Extraction

Hot water extraction makes use of hot water to penetrate into carpet fibers. Cool water extraction uses cool water. Both techniques leverage the power of water pressure to achieve excellent cleaning. The only difference is the temperature.

Generally speaking, hot water extraction is a lot more effective. Hot water has high kinetic energy and doesn’t bond with insoluble dirt. As a result, it cleans a lot better. Since there’s extra space between the molecules, carpet fibers are penetrated more deeply and effectively.

Cold water extraction is a gentler, safer approach reserved for carpet materials that cannot handle high heat. Since the water has low kinetic energy, it doesn’t dissolve dirt, soil, and stains properly. However, it’s an excellent option for natural carpet fibers that can easily get damaged by heat.

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2. What’s Right for My Carpet?

As a carpet owner, you should never make the mistake of making critical cleaning decisions on your own. When fine, delicate carpets are cleaned using aggressive DIY techniques, the outcome can be disastrous.

While doing your own research is extremely important, it’s not enough. Form your own opinion and always follow it up with professional guidance. Contact professional carpet cleaners. They’ll examine your carpet and determine the right cleaning approach accordingly.

At Alameda Cleaners, we use lower pressure than other companies to ensure that your carpet is not over-soaked. This is imperative. When water is left behind, it can cause mildew, mold, and over-saturation. The right water extraction method will help you enjoy a clean carpet without causing any damage.

3. How Can I Get Started?

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaners in Portland or Vancouver? At Alameda Cleaners, we use state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to clean different types, materials, sizes, and textures of carpets.

Explore our carpet cleaning services for a closer look at our unique method. We use a nine-step cleaning method to ensure complete stain removal. If your carpet has developed a bad odor, our team will perform complete odor removal for a fresh smell. We use non-toxic products that are safe for children and pets.

At Alameda Cleaners, we also provide rug cleaning, upholstery, air duct cleaning, business cleaning, and MicroSeal fabric protection services to homeowners and businesses across Portland and Vancouver. Let’s get started!

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