More natural looking than regular cotton, Haitian cotton is appreciated across the globe. It’s made of a weave of thick yarns and creates a beautiful bohemian look.

If you want to add more texture to your home, add Haitian cotton upholstery to your collection. Since the fibers are not aggressively processed like they are with regular cotton, the final outcome is more organic and rustic. The brown specks add a touch of earthiness to interior spaces.

If you’re considering cleaning your Haitian cotton upholstery, make sure you use the right technique. In this blog, we’ll walk you through our Haitian cotton upholstery cleaning guide to help you enjoy durable upholstery that doesn’t lose its appeal and rusticity with time. Let’s begin!

1. Dry Vacuum the Upholstery

Start by gently dry vacuuming the upholstery to remove all excess soil. Since Haitian cotton is unprocessed, the seeds and stems are still intact. This is why cleaning Haitian cotton is slightly trickier than anticipated. As water hits the seeds, the dye can get dispersed.

If you go all out with aggressive cleaning agents, your upholstery will get damaged. Be very careful and stick to dry cleaning. You can use a horsehair upholstery brush for gentle yet effective cleaning.

2. Call Professional Haitian Cotton Upholstery Cleaners

If your upholstery has accumulated stains, dirt, and grime, you may feel tempted to grab liquid chemicals and get to work. Yes, dry cleaning alone will not work at this stage. However, this doesn’t mean that you take things into your own hands.

DIY cleaning jobs can end disastrously. While you can clean regular cotton upholstery yourself, Haitian cotton should be left to the pros. At Alameda Cleaners, we use special equipment and gentle solutions to spruce up your upholstery.

We avoid using water or alkaline cleaning agents. If you apply these to your upholstery, the cotton seeds will burst, and browning will occur. This extent of damage cannot be undone; it’s permanent.

We use tried-and-tested tools and solutions to avoid damage and achieve powerful cleaning. Our upholstery cleaners tackle pet urine, allergens, stains, heavy traffic, spills, and other signs of damage.

3. Schedule Routine Cleaning

Haitian cotton upholstery should be vacuumed once a week. Moreover, it should be cleaned by professionals at least once a year. If your upholstery is used more frequently, opt for bi-yearly cleaning. This is a great way to maintain your upholstery’s appeal and quality.

Don’t just trust any company; turn to experts who have experience in cleaning Haitian cotton. Since Haitian cotton upholstery is visually striking, the effort is worth it.

Remember: Avoid getting your upholstery wet. The more careful you are, the better!

Ready to spruce up your Haitian cotton upholstery? We can help! At Alameda Cleaners, we provide professional upholstery cleaning services to clients across Portland and Vancouver. Contact our experts today. We also specialize in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, business cleaning, and MicroSeal fabric protection services. Let’s spruce up your space; we’re ready when you are!

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