Known for their immense aesthetic appeal, rich colors, and unique designs, Persian rugs are in a different league altogether. Homeowners dream of adorning their floors with mesmerizing Persian rugs that add a touch of sophistication to their space.

While Persian rugs are a visual treat, they can be tricky to clean. If you take things into your own hands, you could easily damage the pile and delicate knots of hand-woven Persian rugs.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through our Persian rug cleaning guide to help you spruce up your rug without causing any damage. Let’s begin!

1. Vacuum Like a Pro

Instead of bringing out the harsh cleaning supplies, take things slow. Many homeowners start cleaning their Persian rugs with tough detergents and chemicals. This is one of the biggest rug cleaning mistakes you can make, especially for delicate, fine Persian rugs.

Start by taking your rug outside and shaking it. Firmly hold the corners and keep shaking until the crumbs, dust particles, dirt, and debris stop falling from it. Follow this up with thorough vacuuming. Start with the backside of the rug and then move to the top. If your rug has long fibers, use the upholstery attachment.

Chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. Even gentle cleaning supplies can be misused when they’re in the wrong hands.

2. Turn to Professional Persian Rug Cleaners

Persian rugs must be cleaned by trained professionals with the required experience and expertise. At Alameda Cleaners, we use a proprietary nine-step cleaning process for Persian rugs. Based on the specific type of Persian rug, we customize our cleaning plan accordingly.

We start by thoroughly pre-inspecting your rug. This is followed by dry soil removal and pre-conditioning. Based on the soiling type and fiber content, we pre-treat your rug and emulsify the soils. If your Persian rug has accumulated difficult spots, they will be pre-treated with special solutions.

We also treat the fringe for maximum soil removal. Upon completion, your rug will be rinsed and washed. We use a special wash pit for Persian rugs. Once all the soil has been rinsed off, we hang the rug and let it dry flat in a controlled environment.

Your rug will be combed and finished with soft groomers made for Persian rugs. We complete the process by giving your rug a final inspection to ensure that nothing has missed the mark.

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3. Avoid Common Mistakes

Professional cleaning should be the only approach you use. In addition to that, avoid common mistakes that can affect the quality and longevity of your Persian rug.

Persian rugs should never be power washed or steam cleaned by people who lack experience and expertise. Avoid leaving your rug in direct sunlight; the harsh rays will affect the color and texture of your rug.

Persian rugs should be cleaned and maintained routinely. This will help you maintain optimal aesthetic appeal and keep the rug fibers in good condition.

Are you looking for professional Persian rug cleaners in Portland or Vancouver? Alameda Cleaners should be your first call. Our team specializes in cleaning fine Persian rugs.

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