As the New Year’s celebrations continue, the excitement has been at an all-time high. We can still hear the tinkle of wine glasses in the air! While red wine may be your favorite celebratory drink, we doubt it’s your favorite spill. Once red wine makes its way to your carpet, it can be very difficult to get out.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at our red wine stain removal guide. When you use the right game plan, you’ll manage to get the stains out without causing any damage to your carpet. Let’s begin!

1. Blot the Stain Thoroughly

Red wine stains shouldn’t linger. If you leave your carpet stained for several hours, the stain will settle into the carpet pile. The moment the spill occurs, spring into action immediately. Start by blotting the stain to get rid of the surface-level liquid. Blot very carefully to avoid pushing the wine deeper into the carpet.

Avoid using club soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or any such agents; they can cause discoloration. Pour a little bit of water on the carpet and keep blotting. The water will dilute the red wine and make it easier to lift from the carpet. Avoid adding too much water at once; take things slow. Blot until you’ve lifted the stain as much as possible.

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2. Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Team ASAP

Red wine stains are very difficult to deal with. Instead of taking things into your own hands, call professional carpet cleaners trained to remove red wine stains. Professionals use advanced, cutting-edge carpet cleaning equipment to remove persistent stains. Professional cleaning is much more effective, targeted, and safe than a DIY job. The risk of causing further damage to your carpet is eliminated.

At Alameda Cleaners, we use special cleaning agents and machinery to lift red wine stains. We pre-spray and pre-spot the carpet to prepare it for cleaning. This is followed by thorough cleaning, neutralizing, deodorizing, general spotting, specialty spotting, speed drying, and post-grooming. Our IIRC-certified technicians adhere to professional standards to ensure that every stain (no matter how tough it may be) is properly removed.

3. Get Your Carpet Cleaned Periodically

Red wine stains get a bad rap because of their stark crimson color. In actuality, they’re not the worst type of stain you can deal with. If you have babies and pets in your house, your carpet will frequently collect pee stains. Carpets also develop other types of stains that should be removed periodically.

Once your carpet comes back from professional cleaners, create a bi-yearly cleaning plan to maintain its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Proper care and maintenance will help you extend your carpet’s life.

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If you’re looking for experienced carpet cleaners in Portland and Vancouver, we’re here to help! At Alameda Cleaners, we provide professional carpet cleaning services for all carpet types, materials, sizes, and textures.

Call us for carpet cleaning quotes today. We also provide rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, business cleaning, and fabric protection services.

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