Since its inception, MicroSeal has been actively discussed in the fabric cleaning and protection industry. Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, MicroSeal offers a ton of benefits, but what are they? More importantly, what is this new technology?

Keep reading, here’s everything you need to know about MicroSeal fabric protection.

1. The Basics

MicroSeal is a not a cleaning treatment even though it’s a mainstay in the cleaning industry. Its usage is limited to protection purposes. MicroSeal is a premium fabric protection treatment that provides long-term protection against stains, general wear and tear, and the sun.

As the finest form of residential and commercial textile protection in 2022, MicroSeal is simply the gold standard. You can protect anything from fine silkscreen to rich wools to delicate wall fabrics to Haitian cotton.

The outcome? Fabrics sustain fewer, milder stains. The risk of permanent staining is eliminated. Fabrics become more durable as they gain protection against fading, mildew, and static electricity.  

2. Safety

MicroSeal does a very complex job. However, it’s completely safe and family-friendly despite its efficiency and rigorousness. MicroSeal technology is often used for household interiors (area rugs, carpets, upholstery, curtains, etc.), commercial interiors, and even marine interiors. There are no harmful fumes.

3. The Technology

MicroSeal works by penetrating and sealing the fabric’s fibers (excluding dirt and stains). Without MicroSeal, soil is naturally and directly absorbed into the wool fiber and the “dirt” remains hidden to the human eye. This is one of the biggest reasons why a rug may not look dirty even though it is.

MicroSeal deeply penetrates the wool fiber all the way to its inner cortex and provides complete protection. Every single fiber is sealed to strengthen the fabric and prevent UV damage. Since MicroSeal isn’t water-based, there’s no risk of shrinkage or any negative effect on rug fibers and cellulosic textile.

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4. Is MicroSeal Right for My Textiles?

MicroSeal is a high-end fabric protection service that’s recommended for high-value, sentimental, vintage, and brand-new items.

If you recently purchased a beautiful silk rug and you want to increase its life as much as possible, MicroSeal is right for you. Or perhaps you think your grandma’s upholstery is losing its richness and you want to preserve the depth of the fabric’s colors. In this case, MicroSeal is also right for you. It ultimately comes down to your requirements and the fabric.

At Alameda Cleaners, we use MicroSeal fabric protection to preserve your textiles’ beauty. Click here to call our experts. We’ll schedule a consultation and create the right plan accordingly!

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