If it’s time to clean your oriental rug, don’t delay it any further. Need help? Use this guide for a closer look at the right way to clean an oriental rug.

Known for their grandeur, luxe appeal, and timelessness, oriental rugs are simply priceless. Originating from Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and Tibet, oriental rugs stand out for their beautiful colors, patterns, and designs. They’re often passed down in families and considered treasured heirlooms.

The finest oriental rugs take several months to make—sometimes even years. A rug’s price and value increase immensely when finer yarns are used. Since they’re so valuable, oriental rugs must be treated with the utmost care. This blog will walk you through the right way to clean an oriental rug. Keep reading.

1. Play Your Part

If you’re the proud owner of an oriental rug, congratulations are in order! Homeowners often worry about maintenance so much that they end up overdoing it. If you think you’re headed down that path, it’s time to stop yourself.

As a homeowner, there’s very little you can and should do to clean your oriental rug. For starters, vacuuming is key. Hand-knotted oriental rugs collect more dust than usual, especially if the rug is placed in a high-traffic area.

If your rug is displayed in the lounge or the hallway, you’re looking at a vacuuming session every couple of weeks. Don’t skip this. As your oriental rug collects dust, dirt, and bacteria, insufficient vacuuming will damage its natural fibers.

2. Call the Professionals

Stop at vacuuming. If you make the rookie mistake of washing your oriental rug as well, you’re opening a Pandora’s box for yourself. Anything more than vacuuming should always be left to the professionals.

Many oriental rugs have a silk foundation. Since silk is more delicate, silk rugs have a more delicate pile. They must be cleaned by experts who know exactly what they’re doing. Even if you have an oriental rug with a thick pile, always call an experienced rug company, preferably one with extensive experience cleaning oriental rugs.

They’ll examine and understand the fabric, determine the right cleaning approach, and proceed accordingly. This is essential for safe, proper cleaning. While we wish we could recommend a cleaning agent or two, that simply isn’t possible. Oriental rugs are too precious to be risked.

3. The Alameda Promise

If you’re looking for professional oriental rug cleaners in Portland and Vancouver. Alameda Cleaners should be your first call. Our team has over 42 years of experience in cleaning delicate oriental rugs.

We use a special nine-step cleaning technique to ensure gentleness and get rid of persistent stains, pet urine, heavy traffic, and allergens. We cover all the bases to leave your oriental rug in great condition.

At Alameda Cleaners, we also provide carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and MicroSeal fabric protection services. Whether you’re interested in cleaning a valuable oriental rug, an old carpet, or a vintage couch, we’re here to help. Let’s begin!

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