There are many systems to choose from in the marketplace. You hear from just about every cleaner that their method is the best. The fact is that one should not choose a carpet cleaner based on cleaning method alone. A customer could get a good job or a poor job with any system. The system must be applied properly in order to be effective, so the emphasis should be placed on the reputation and experience of the company operating the system.

However, all things being equal, truck-mounted extraction applied properly, is the most effective way to clean a carpet. Hot water extraction will get maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal. It has the ability to flush out deep spots and soil. Our company pre-emulsifies the soil so that a lower water pressure can be used, therefore not over-soaking the carpet. We also neutralize every carpet we clean, so that there is no sticky residue left behind.

The disadvantages of other systems compared to truck-mounted hot water extraction performed properly are as follows:

Dry-Cleaning Systems:

There are a handful of applications where dry-cleaning is preferred, such as oriental rugs that have a bleeding problem, sisal rugs, or a 24-hour facility.

Dry-cleaning systems do not get the amount of soil removal that hot water extraction gets, therefore leaving abrasive soils in the carpet to build up over a period of time. In addition, dry-cleaning systems are not as sanitary as hot water extraction. In many cases, the soil is simply moved around instead of actually being extracted.

Alternative Extraction Systems:

This would include systems using a “low moisture” tool, recycled water, or “specially charged” water. These systems are smoke screens that attempt to confuse the consumer. Systems that supposedly have a “low moisture” tool simply do not have the flushing action that is needed to get the carpet thoroughly clean. Recycled water is completely unsanitary, and companies that are advertising “no chemicals” use plenty of chemicals. They try to say that because they use a specially charged water that they do not need to use any chemicals. However, to remove spots and traffic area soil, they have to use chemicals. Usually, they use the chemicals without telling you, or they talk about their prespray that is made from wheat, barley, etc. It’s a farce. Truck-mounted hot water extraction applied properly will use high-quality cleaning solutions that are neutralized. There is no other way to get maximum soil removal.


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